I am a glass artist living and working in rural North Wales. My work is inspired by the plants, trees and stunning landscapes which surround me. I am especially interested in the small details-organic structures like lichen, moss and ferns. I am fascinated by light, the magical qualities and atmosphere this can create within the natural landscape and also the way it moves through glass, reflects, creates shadows. I aim to capture this magic, this ethereal quality in my work.

The Arts Council of Wales support I have received for my current experimental project ‘Gardens of the Mind’ has allowed me to develop and further my practice by creating glass work concerned with investigating the visual and physical correlation between structures and micro-structures within plant and human biology. The combination of these ambiguous and fascinating structures which could describe human and plant forms, brings together all of life- from a neuron to the structure of algae, to trees and river beds.

I sell my work in galleries across the U.K and am a member of The Guild of Makers in Wales.

Crafts Council Directory www.craftscouncil.org.uk/directory/verity-pulford-glass-artist

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Photography- David Jones /Simon Bruntnell/Leon Bowen/Andrew Gale